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A Magical Encounter

Last night I enjoyed a long walk through Griffith Park way after dark and long after the park closed. During my time in the park I enjoyed some great company and friendship with WA!, good conversation, and we even got to dodge the police once.

I left Wa!’s place around midnight. While walking up the hill from her place to my vehicle, I found myself face to face in the dark with a coyote. We were perhaps one car length apart when we discovered each other’s presence. We both stopped and stared, neither of us moving.

After a full minute, the coyote moved first. It continued up the hill in the direction we were both originally traveling. I let it get a few paces ahead, and I, too, continued up the hill. The coyote, realizing I was following it, stopped and turned to face me just as it did when it first discovered I was there.

Again, we held eye contact and both of us were completely still. But this time I moved first. I took a couple slow, easy paces in our mutual direction. The coyote then joined me in our walk together up the hill just a couple yards apart from one another.

What a magnificent animal.
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