Last week Wa! came over for a while, and then we went to Major Jim’s house to catch a movie. The four of us drank wine, ate tasty meat, watched a movie, and made buttons for Miriam’s sale last Sunday.

The next morning I was outside talking with a neighbor and I noticed sneaker prints in the dirt under my living room window. Her teenage son walked by as we were talking and he mentioned he saw a shadow outside around 1am. This was right about the same time I got home from Jim’s house.

Not only do I have a Peeping Tom, but apparently the person followed me to my door or was waiting for me to get home and heard me come in. I was pretty upset and a little freaked out for a day or two, but now I have secured my window from curious eyes with some lovely burgundy curtains.

I am feeling better now that there is no longer a way to see in, but I have been taking my pepper spray off safety and holding it in the ready position when I walk in at night just in case I was indeed followed. The whole thing is disgustingly creepy, especially since I am not exactly the most clothed person when I am at home. But sadly for him, there will no longer be a show.

I imagine this will be the end of it. Being a Peeping Tom is such a passive crime. But at the same time, I am being more careful and more aware when I come and go at night.

Fabulous Movie! Ratatouille!

Last night Lucky Dave took me to dinner and to see Ratatouille. I have been wanting to see the movie since we first saw the trailer in a theater months ago.

Through all my anticipation, I was still was not disappointed at all. This is easily one of my favorite movies of all time. I look forward to seeing it again.
Burning Angel

My Love, My Best Friend(s)

Recently I have been facing challenges head on, and this brought me to a place where I was really needing a friend to stand by me.

Lucky Dave came through for me when I was least expecting it, and mostly because it occurred to me just to let him. He is infinitely patient with me and I love him for it.

Sara was also selflessly there for me when I needed her and freely gave of herself as long as I needed her.

I love these two people completely. My life would be no where close to the same without them.


Right now where I live it is 102 degrees.

I have lived one summer of my entire life without air conditioning. I have since moved and I am staying cool and loving the magic box that generously provides my new home with life-saving cold air.

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An Enchanted Evening at a Castle

I attended a celebration this past Saturday…

…at a castle in the Hollywood Hills. No, not the Magic Castle.


There was a moat full of smoking hot naked people swimming. There was a bridge over the moat from the vast lawns to the entrance of the house where a naked aerialist performed, there were stripping clowns, a mermaid dance troop, an open bar, and a crew from Bar Sinister was kind enough to do a couple scenes for us.

The moon was perfectly full as it hung low in the sky through the crisp, clear night air. The view from the front of the property looked directly out on the Hollywood sign. The views from the lawns and gazebo on the other side of the castle included an observatory, the downtown skyline, and endless miles of the lights of Los Angeles.

The hill going down from the lawns contained the entrance to the Bat Cave where the old Batman TV Series was filmed.

The fascinating conversations and memorable interactions kept up without a lull throughout the entire night while that moon warmly shown down upon us.

My favorite part of the entire experience is that it was not a burner party. Other than myself, I knew of maybe a half a dozen or so burners on the property. The conversations I was lucky enough to have the privilege of participating in never revolved around that thing in the desert.

And it was the hottest party I have ever attended in my life.
Burning Angel


I've decided my hair should be red. My Grandmother, Lillian, was a redhead. My hair is brown now, but for much of my life it was redish-blondish-something on top and very light brown underneath - all natural. The brown got darker and more consistent. The blond still comes out, though, after a vacation to the Caribbean. So do my red highlights.

I like my sweet redish highlights, but I am thinking red. And I mean RED.
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RIP My Baby Puppy - I Miss You

(Cross Post)

Recently I learned my Black Lab died. His name was Schooner. He was a beautiful, funny, brilliant dog. Schooner found me one Friday morning 7 years ago while I was on the way to the gym to meet a girlfriend to work out. I was to go to the gym and then head home to pack for the weekend. Brett (my fiancé at the time) and I had plans to hang at the lake house with the in-laws all weekend playing on jet skis and taking the pontoon boat across the lake to that restaurant we all liked. We had just closed on our new house a month prior and our wedding was 4 months away.

[ Enter sweet, sick, so-cute-it-hurt, 2 month old puppy – stage left ]

I was known for my strange ability to attract animals that needed rescuing. A dog would find me, I would take it to the vet, get it healthy, and find it a home. But this time, right away, I knew this wasn’t just any old rescue.

I picked the little puppy up off the road and put him in my van. After a minute or so, he slowly crawled across my van and ever so carefully and slowly up into my lap. He was so weak this took every bit of his strength. He dug his nails in with all his might, closed his eyes, and held on. At that moment, he was my dog.

We didn’t make it to the lake house that weekend. The next two weeks I put aside just about everything in my life for the sake of the care of this puppy. The first 10 weeks saw frequent trips to the vet. He was so scared and in really bad shape.

The only way I could get Schooner to stop crying was to lie on the couch and let him lay on my stomach and chest. The combination of the sound and rhythm of my breathing along with my arms around him holding him tight was the only thing that could calm him enough to find peace and some rest. We slept there on the couch together countless nights. I fell completely in love with him.

The end of my marriage with Brett found me moving to Los Angeles. As I was leaving my house for the last time, and through many, many tears, I grabbed Schooner by the ears, looked into his beautiful brown eyes, and promised I’d be back for him.

My life here in LA was never one that could accommodate a Black Lab. Schooner stayed behind with Brett and Sadie (Brett’s Corgi).

Schooner was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of Lymphoma. After a month of treatment and continuously failing health, Brett had Schooner put to sleep.

Schooner was my favorite dog I have ever encountered in my life. He never stopped wanting sleep on my stomach, and I never stopped letting him.

Friends Are of the Utmost Importance

Yesterday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and wasn’t so thrilled about the idea of hanging out by myself. Lucky Dave had some work he needed to get done, to I sent up the bat signal for some peeps to share company, a beer, and laughs. Cody, Wa!, and Ian all invited me to hang, so Cody and I met up for a couple beers and then headed to Wa’s house where she was enjoying Ian’s company.

We were only going to be there a short while until heading over to Theory Labs for Buck’s birthday party, but good god we were having fun! I am sure a few hours went by before eventually prying myself out of Wa’s place and finally showing up at Theory Labs after midnight where the sexy Lucky Dave had arrived shortly before.

I had some great conversations and connections, although my time at the Lab was brief. I particularly enjoyed talking with Elmo and Kilmore, watching Cody and Anita dance, and seeing Roo give so many unsuspecting souls black eyes and bloody noses. It was also great to hang with Derek and Ray of the DoseDive Bar from Flipside while they are here visiting.

Later I eventually left with Lucky and offered to take him out for a late meal on the way home. We stopped at Harry’s on the way and then crawled into bed together where we slept soundly until 1pm this afternoon. I love waking up with Dave by my side.
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